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Roasted Peanuts


Given the abundance of peanuts in the Sudan and because it constitutes one of the main ingredients required to produce the various products in the Plump range, Samil had to develop a means of using this to its advantage.

In Jun 2012 Samil established a peanut processing and roasting facility using equipment designed specifically for this purpose. The facility is situated in close proximity to the Samil factory and has a current capacity of 150 kg/hour. Samil's use of locally grown peanuts serves to boost the local economy, lessens reliance on imported raw input, and ensures the cost of its finished products remains competitive.

The peanut roasting process

Peanut processing starts in the field, where the peanuts are sorted and shelled to ensure only the finest peanut kernels are transferred to the faculty in Khartoum.

The peanuts are sorted by manual sorters at the facility before undergoing an additional sorting by mechanical means.

The peanuts are then moved to the ovens until the desired degree of roasting is achieved. The peanuts are then blanched and the embryo is removed mechanically.


Samil's main goal is to ensure the quality and safety of its products. Samil applies ISO 22000:2005 regulations and recommendations which enforce the application of both HACCP and GMP norms and standards.

From aflatoxin in peanuts to substandard nutrient levels, maintaining the quality of samil's finished products is of utmost importance to our quality management department. Checkpoints have been implemented to ensure the absence or minimum presence according to international and national regulations.

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